The hardworking people at iDKHOW invite you to participate in a fan curated lyric video for “Leave Me Alone”. Images and/or videos featuring official lyrics from “Leave Me Alone” will be selected at random, to be shown in a special live broadcast from bamd.

To get your masterpiece featured in the broadcast, follow the steps below:


Watch the “Leave Me Alone” Official Music Video. Select your favorite line from the song and obtain the official lyrics from the video’s YouTube description.



Create an image (photograph, painting, illustration] OR video animation featuring the official lyrics from “Leave Me Alone”. Please ensure your art meets the following Important Guidelines:

  • Images and/or videos MUST feature lyrics from the composition “Leave Me Alone”.
  • Images and/or videos must be landscape.
  • Images and/or videos should be at least 1080p.
  • Images and/or videos will not show any logos, branding, or any other trademarked I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME materials.
  • Video submissions must be kept under 30 seconds long.
  • Images and/or videos MUST be your original artwork. Do not take artwork from other fans.
  • Consent is key. Do not include anyone in your image and/or video who did not consent to being in it.


Once you’ve create your image and/or video, click “submit” button below, fill out the short form, upload your file, and click submit.

*The deadline for submissions is 12pm ET November 6, 2020